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HIV/AIDS is a health and Socio-economic problem in Rakai district. Rakai district has the highest prevalence rate in the Uganda with 12% which is twice the countries prevalence rate. The goal of this program is to reduce of the HIV/AIDS incidence and prevalence rates among the Most AT Risk Populations (MARPs), prevention of mother to Child transmission of HIV, Adolescent Youth in and out of school, aged 10-24 years. Emmanuel has spearheaded the formation of55 Virginity and Abstinence Clubs (VACs) to foster abstinence in 55 primary schools of Rakai district. We have also formed and operationalized 25 Vision Clubs for Out of school Adolescent Youth. We have also worked with People Living HIV through provision of ART, encouraged disclosure, drug adherence and condom promotion especially discordant couples. It’s such efforts that have led to reduction of HIV/AIDS from 30% in 1990s to the current 12% for Rakai district and 6.8% nationally.

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ANREMI is a socially motivated Management and Think-Tank consulting and research center focused on Community-Based Natural Resources Management, Business Partnership, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Security, and mid-size enterprise development and management.

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