ANREMI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The majority of people in the East African region survive on agriculture, livestock, and tourism. ANREMI has been working with local communities to help create more sustainable livelihoods and to maintain the surrounding environment by educating local communities on how to effectively manage their local natural resources. At ANREMI we strongly believe that when local natural resources are managed well promotes development and socioeconomic self-reliance of local communities and enhance social coexistence and reduces resource-based conflict.

A local African woman working in a field to harvest her crop.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an unprecedented international commitment to:

    End poverty and hunger
    Stop climate change and prevent its most devastating effects
    Protect and restore the planet’s environment and natural resources
    Advance equality, education, peace and healthy living for all people

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are formed of 17 goals and 169 targets. Between them they should shape the policies of the 193 countries who committed to them over the next 15 years. You can discover more about the goals and targets on the UN Sustainable Development Goals website here.

These goals have the power to transform our world, and deliver a future in which people and environment thrive. Taken together with the historic agreement at the Paris climate change negotiations, the SDGs mean that 2030 really can be the year that rewrote the future.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a big step forward for the natural resource management and conflict prevention. They recognize that we all depend on these planet’s natural resources such as its forests, rivers, oceans and land to be used for our social and economic wellbeing. Equally, they recognize that our ability to use the planets resources wisely depends upon creating a fair, sustainable, accountable, and prosperous society. In addition, we have to decouple our economies from fossil fuels and environmental damage in order to create a peaceful society.

If the 193 countries involved make good on their promise, by 2030 we will live in a world that has:

    Halted the loss of biodiversity and saved threatened species from extinction
    Ended deforestation
    Put a stop to poaching and trafficking of protected species
    Ended overfishing and significantly reduces the pollution of our oceans
    Ereated an economy that grows without damaging the environment

ANREMI believes that it’s now up to us all governments, charities, businesses, and most of all citizens to work together to ensure that these commitments become a reality and are implemented to save our world. The Sustainable Development Goals are different from anything that has come before them - they're fairer, smarter, and more inclusive. They can only be realized if all the people especially those in developing countries such as the rural communities far away in the remotest corners of this world are empowered to manage their local natural resources.

The Sustainable Development Goals recognise the links between human development, the environment, and the economy. For example, it is impossible to eradicate poverty and prevent resource-based conflicts without tackling climate change,  and halting environmental degradation and manage effectively our natural resources. Local communities are crucial to making this world realize the Sustainable Development Goals. ANREMI believes that the Sustainable Development Goals are everyone’s responsibility. This means that all sectors, and indeed all citizens, have a role to play in making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality and ANRMEI is proud to be part of the realization of these noble goals.

What is ANREMI doing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

ANREMI has been working hard to make sure that the Sustainable Development Goals include a lot of the things that people in rural communities care about, including goals on:

    Food and sustainable agriculture
    Sustainable consumption and production
    Climate change
    Forests and biodiversity
    Sustainable peace and conflict management

Now that we have the agreement the hard work really begins! ANREMI is working in East Africa and other parts of Africa to create a global network of advocates ensuring that the ambition of the goals is matched by robust action from African governments and beyond to ensure that our natural resources are not the cause of conflict and insecurity, especially in Africa.

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ANREMI is a socially motivated Management and Think-Tank consulting and research center focused on Community-Based Natural Resources Management, Business Partnership, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Security, and mid-size enterprise development and management.

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