ANREMI Contributions to Natural Resources Management Policy in East Africa

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Written by  William A.Twayigize

ANREMI members make a frequent contribute to policy discussions, conferences, workshops, trainings, and forums both in Africa and globally. Below are our workshops that government, private institutions can participate in. We accept invitations from both government and private institutions.
Best International Practices in Managing Trans-boundary Natural Resources

International best practices for trans-boundary natural resources management and conflict resolution.

The workshop discusses the efforts that governments or communities can make to resolve their differences on how to manage their shared natural resources and share information through regular dialogue and community participation. ANREMI also serves as the editors of the its online articles on natural resources management, community participation, governance and leadership.

Building cultural and Community Partnership among Pastoralism and Farmers Community  to Promote Effective Natural Resources Management and Prevent Conflicts in Africa

A Strategic planning to solve land ownership and land use among African communities with a focus on East, Central, and the Horn of Africa. The need to better link the land management, pastoralist grazing, and water use and water management, and building cultural and communal partnerships to advance natural resources effective management and prevent tribal conflicts in the region.

African Land Trust and Public Land: Effective Way to Break Social Class and Promote

This workshop gives participants opportunities to learn how both the Africa’s large scall land owners-land users and the small scale land users can work together to jointly address land management, water management, and private land management initiatives. This workshop serves as a review platform to discuss how laws and natural resources policies can work together to address natural resources issues among large scale and small scale land and water users in Africa.

Effective Use of Natural Resources Energy to Promote Development in Africa

This workshop on the legal and policy implications of renewable energy development in Eastern Africa. How this new natural resource can be used to promote economic growth of the public and be used to provide solutions to numerous natural resources management issues that have led to open conflict in East, Central, and Horn of Africa. In this workshop we also look at how to effectively harness solar energy and hydroelectricity without mismanaging our natural resources.

The Impact Of Climate Change On Natural Resources In Africa And How To Be Prepared To Avoid Conflict Over Natural Resources

Together working to develop solutions to climate change impacts on African water resources, forest, land, and minerals. A key focus of this workshop is to look at the role of gender in managing our natural resources such as land management and water quality and quantity.

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