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ANREMI combines both research and community experience with international collaboration to ensure that the investment in local natural resources  improve the communities’ ] living conditions. We promote advocacy and accountability focusing on good practices in international policies that promote effective management of public natural resources  to create wealth for African communities.

To achieve its vision, ANREMI will undertake projects that:

  1. Improve community participation& involvement in natural resources management,  . . This approach will address management of natural resources in specific areas and regions in Africa
  2. Identify and pilot feasible innovations jointly with local partners and client organizations in order to demonstrate success and the conditions under which community-based natural resources management can be achieved.
  3. Identify relevant institutional and policy reforms,organizational strategies and programme designs that will assist ANREMI to scale-up successful technical approach and social management innovation.
  4. Strengthen the capabilities of rural community organizations and forge partnerships with the  privatesector, local government and civil society to develop grassroots-improved and, inclusive models for community participatory partnerships, sustainable land and natural resource use planning.
  5. Adopt a positive and integrated approach to communications so as to influence policy debate and, improve public the understanding of rural natural resources management,  and development dynamics, institutional contexts, and social impacts regionally and in focus regions.
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About Us

ANREMI is a socially motivated Management and Think-Tank consulting and research center focused on Community-Based Natural Resources Management, Business Partnership, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Security, and mid-size enterprise development and management.

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ANREMI seeks to forge strategic partnerships with global organizations and individuals with a similar vision and philosophy of promoting grass-root based management of natural resources for community development. For more information kindly contact: