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Thank you for visiting the African Natural Resources Effective Management Institute (ANREMI) website. At ANREMI we are committed to save Africa and the world from mineral-generated conflicts.

ANREMI started in 2004 as the African Youth Voice for Peace (AYOVOP-AFRIQUE) with a mission to nurture a culture of peace oriented leadership. After nine years promoting peace amongst youths in Africa, we realized that in order to prevent future conflicts, we must confront some of the root causes of wars and conflicts in the continent.

We spent years researching on the most prominent causes of conflicts in African countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville, Cabinda in Angola, and recently in Mali.. We realized that competition for natural resources has been a major cause of conflict. To contribute to fostering peace in the continent, we needed to confront the disease of poor management of natural resources. This could be achieved by involving grass-roots communities in effective management of natural resources. That marked the birth of ANREMI. At ANREMI, we believe that people should be empowered to manage their own resources facilitated by their own government through a democratic leadership. Leaders must be held accountable to the public on the management of natural resources. This will reduce or eliminate conflicts caused by mistrust and mismanagement of natural resources.

Our goal is to inform the crafting of natural resources management policies and empower community members to manage local resources for development and prosperity. We support this approach by advising policy-makers, development partners, and academic institutions on accountability and transparency in natural resources management. We combine resources management and peacebuilding to achieve lasting peace and stability in Africa.

Once again, we welcome your feedback and support.

William Adams TWAYIGIZE
The African Natural Resources Effective Management Institute

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ANREMI is a socially motivated Management and Think-Tank consulting and research center focused on Community-Based Natural Resources Management, Business Partnership, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Security, and mid-size enterprise development and management.

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