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Written by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists It's used by almost everybody — in mobile phones, electric cars and a wide array of consumer electronic devices; it is in optical and medical equipment. As new technologies emerge and produce new devices, demand will grow. There is no ready substitute. Coltan’s ability to hold and move electrical signals, and its conductive ability in extreme temperatures, makes it ideal for smart bomb guidance controls. Security analysts say it is a strategic mineral. War-torn Central Africa supplies about a fourth of the world market as production declines in Australia, the previous world leader. Most Central African coltan is considered conflict mineral because mining areas are controlled by armed factions and organized crime. It’s the same in the South American jungles where Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil meet and where officials say they’ve found vast coltan reserves. There is no simple way to keep conflict…
Background Although there have been identified numerous ways that the earth loses its water in what is called water cycle, however, there is only one way that water comes back to earth through rainfall. East Africa is blessed to have plenty of the rainfall, especially in its highlands regions such as the Great Rift Valley highlands, Western Uganda, Eastern DRC, Rwanda, and Blue Nile highlands (Eklundh, L.1998; Ogallo, L. J. (1988). When the water comes back to the earth as rain it is relatively clean and can be harvested for domestic or general use without using advanced technology to clean it. It is good to argue that rainwater is cheap and clean and readily available in East Africa. If well harvested and managed, rainwater harvesting systems can assist different governments in East Africa supply enough water for domestic consumption, agricultural, and industrial uses. It does not a lot investment because…

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