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Written by William A.TwayigizeThe controversy surrounding blood diamonds from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has made world’s headlines since 1993. However, it has remained relatively murky because of well-connected individuals involved in illegal mining and trading of colt a mineral.Coltan, also known as columbite-tantalite, is a black metallic mineral that contains both niobium and tantalum. It is a heat-resistant material that can hold a strong electrical charge. Most capacitors found in variety of electronic devices are made from Coltan. This rangers from cellphones, nuclear reactors, to aircraft engines. This shows you that those country blessed with this material should be ranked among the richest if and only if their natural resources well managed effectively by its own people. Effective management of our natural resources does not only involve extracting the minerals but processing, trading them fairly. This process would involve people on the community level.Most of the today’s electronics…
Written by William A.TwayigizeIt is a bit complex to know or understand those who are profiteering from African conflicts especially the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Somali conflict, and the Southern Sudanese conflict. This is because the beneficiaries of the ongoing conflicts might be what this paper calls the “primary beneficiaries.” These are the local people and local institutions that are directly involved in the day to day activities of war. They are the primary victims of the conflict. There is also another group I refer to as the “secondary beneficiaries.” These are the people and institutions from the region. They are classified by their proximity to the conflict. The last group of beneficiaries is the “tertiary beneficiaries.” These are people and whether through the regional proxies or other means. They have a direct interest in the ongoing conflicts. The examples below will help us…

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