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Somalilandsun - The Ethiopian and Somaliland people are among the Cushites that inhabit in the Horn of Africa . Both countries share boundary and similar culture . Thousands of Somalilnders live and have business in Ethiopia while more number of Ethiopians work in Somaliland mainly in the fields of agriculture and domestic services.The people of Somaliland have special regard for Ethiopia for the support that the Ethiopians gave to the people of Somaliland during the Siyad Bare dictatorship in Somalia .In the early 80s till 1991 the Ethiopian government supported the SNM struggle against the Siyad Barre regime by allowing the SNM to wage guerilla war against the dictatorship from Ethiopia soil .The struggle caused an exodus of refugees from Somaliland to Ethiopia at its peak in 1988. Dul'ad camp immediately became the largest refugee camp in East Africa in the late 80s and 90 s and almost all of…
After very many years of discussion, the ‘‘right to water’’ was formally recognized by 122 States in a UN General Assembly resolution (United Nations Res A/64/292, 2010). Unfortunately, the right to water resolution is not enforceable unless it is entrenched in national laws. Today, an estimated 3 billion people globally lack access to clean drinking water (WHO, 2014). This is an alarming figure given the importance that water plays in economic development. Most of those affected come from developing countries. The issue of clean water is important because water access is a cross-border issue that also affects economic growth. Hausmann (2008) argues that given the fact that water supplies naturally cross borders, States have a legal obligation to act in ways that do not hinder the enjoyment of that human right in other States. A clean water solution to begin with, for me, would entail States cleaning their act from…

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ANREMI is a socially motivated Management and Think-Tank consulting and research center focused on Community-Based Natural Resources Management, Business Partnership, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Security, and mid-size enterprise development and management.

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